About Us

Founded in 1980 in Colima, Mexico, we are a family-owned business specialized in citrus derived products: key lime, persian lime and lemon juice concentrates, purees, essential oils and dried peel.

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Our people

Our great team is integrated by biochemical, food, industrial, agricultural, environmental and electro-mechanical engineers, marketing & sales specialists and logistics experts.

We are one of the largest employers in the region!

Our group

Company that manage the 4,000 Ha of plantations, mainly Lime and Lemon, that will serve both fresh fruit and processing business.

SiCar Farms Mexico is the company that packs the fresh fruits all over Mexico, currently established in 5 states.

Trucking company, owner of 150 trucs, exclusively moving goods from GO Group (Fresh and Derived product), within Mexico and the US.

SiCar Farm USA is the company that distribute the goods from GO group into de US (Fresh and derived products). It is the #1 Lime importing company in the North America.