SINCE 1980

Do you know where our products end?

Citrojugo is the best ally for the creation of any product you can imagine. We don’t only make high quality products; we use sustainable processes so we can give back to the earth what it has given us. We are the best ingredient for your product!

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Citrojugo is part of Grupo Gudiño Ochoa, formed by SiCar Farms, SiCar Auto Transports (ATS) & Ranchos, with over 40 years’ experience in the Mexican citrus industry.

We control from start to finish our supply chain, getting the best handling of our processes and products, ensuring the fulfilment of sustainable practices during the entire process.

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We are committed to offering safe and high-quality products
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Customer service

Do you need personal attention? Do you have any inconvenience or problem with our products or service? Contact us, one of our consultants will contact you soon.