Sustainability & social responsibility

CITROJUGO is a company that has respect for the land, so it carries out the implementation of new technologies and strategies friendly with the environment, for the production of healthy crops in a sustainable way.

Taking care of our environment is one of our priorities. Watch our Sustainability & Social Responsibility video
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Our Nurseries

We are producers of supreme quality and with strict hygiene practices, frome where the products that print the Seal Gudiño Ochoa Group of excellence are born and grow.


Protection of the crop against pests. AracniMax, MD Citri and FragoMix: -H


Nutrition of the crop with organic waste. Compost, Vermicompost and Lixiviado.

Biological Control

Use of livin organisms for pest control Chrysoperla Carnea

Our actions


Elaboration and use of bio-compost as natural fertilizer in all our crops.

Elaboration and use of bio-repellents in all our plantations.

Implementation of biological pest controls (insects) as method to fight plagues and other diseases.

Water and energy consumption

Wastewater treatment through pH neutralization.

Substitution of fuel oil for natural gas as energy source.

Electricity savings obtained by improvements made in our production process.


Solid waste recycling campaign.

Reforestation campaign.


Sport activities and sponsorships.

Construction of elementary school within one of our farms.