that produce derived goods from CITRUS FRUIT (Oils, Juices and Peel). It is currently established in Colima and Michoacan. Citrojugo is the processing company, ABOUT US Founded in 1980 in Colima, Mexico ABOUT US

About us

We’ve been producing citrus derived products for the last 35 years! From fields to delivery, we control each stage of our supply chain.

What makes us the best?

We truly understand our customers, we know exactly what they need and work hard to satisfy them.


We produce key lime, persian lime and lemon juice concentrate, purees, essential oils and dried peel. Additionally, we are constantly developing new products.


Essential oils

Dried peel


We supply raw material to the following industries!

Food and Beverage

Flavor & Fragrance



Providing safe and high quality products is a must for us.