Get to know our circular value chain

We integrate circular economy models at every stage, reusing and recycling resources to reduce waste and maximize sustainability. From renewable energy to responsible waste management, our commitment is clear: care for the planet while bringing you the best of our citrus.

1.- Responsible planting:
It all starts with the selection and planting of the best citrus seeds. We use biofertilizers and biorepellents, ensuring that each plant grows strong and healthy and minimizing the environmental impact, all of which are elaborated by our agroecology department.
2.- Cultivation:
We care for our citrus using innovative and environmentally friendly growing practices. These include natural pollination methods, pest control, efficient irrigation techniques, and nourishing our fields with compost, vermicompost, and worm humus.
3.- Harvesting:
Harvesting is realized once our fruit reaches maturity. Our fields have certifications that guarantee dignified work, non-exploitation, and fair trade.
4.- Packing house:
Our fruit goes through a selection process that guarantees its export quality and every parameter necessary to be commercialized for the fresh market, always taking care of emissions to the environment and using natural energy through our more than 3,600 solar panels.
5.- Industry and Processing:
Our juice, oil, and peel production process focuses on efficiency and sustainability. We ensure every product is of the highest quality and always maintain our Net Zero philosophy.
6.- Agroecology:
All organic residues generated through our processes are designated for producing bio-inputs such as biofertilizers and biorepellents, which are returned to the field to nourish and protect it.

Watch our video and join us on this journey through Citrojugo’s circular economy vision. Together, we are building a more sustainable future.